create a mechanism to generate positive interactions on the instagram account and to spread the magic of the christmas spirit.


a competition over five-weeks, taken on by five ‘influencer’ families, which highlights the role played by the post office in enchanting homes throughout the territory before the holidays. 


5000 positive comments about the campaign

on the @post account, i.e. +4000% vs. posts over the same period in 2019.

4000 new subscribers @laposte,

i.e. +30% vs. before the operation.

300,000 reach on the

@influencers campaign posts.


the first episode of the #leadthechange social media campaign helped unite employees

around the preservation of the environment through sport activities.

the second episode of the operation aims to

bring together all the stakeholders beyond of

the organisation itself. 


a challenge around the passing on of a sustainable environment from generation to generation - share a cherished photo of yourself as a child, describe eco-friendly habits for everyday life and tag three people to participate in the challenge.

a campaign represented by ten international 'green' influencers as well as internal

ambassadors and bertrand camus.


140 000 reach on posts @influencers.

52 000 views on @influencers stories.

13 000 interactions on all campaign content.

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